Perrier’s Patronage of the Arts

From Andy Warhol to Salvador Dali, French sparkling mineral water brand Perrier has long called on the creativity of some of the world’s most distinguished artists.

The brand’s artistically collaborative tradition continues to endure. Signifying both the art world’s current vogue, as well as Perrier’s drive to stay culturally relevant, the brand’s artistic undertakings this year have seen the integration of street art and digital art.

In October, Perrier came together with L’Atlas, a French street artist who emerged onto Paris’s graffiti scene in the 1990s having been inspired by hip-hop. The artist has since made a name for himself in developing his signature style of intricate abstract designs rooted in the study of calligraphy and geometry. For the first part of L’Atlas’s collaboration with Perrier, a limited edition series of “Inspired by Street Art” cans were unveiled, featuring his distinct motifs. 

L’Atlas at his Solo structures exhibition at Galerie Cedric Bacqueville in Lille, France, 2013. Image from Graffuturism.

Next, as part of Perrier’s “Extraordinaire” series, L’Atlas created a four-part, site-specific global series of installations. In the series, L’Atlas created geometrical crop circles of more than 3,000 white balloons. Each of the installations was constructed and dismantled in less than 12 hours, and each of the sites was specifically chosen to represent the four elements. New York, Mexico City, Seoul and Paris were chosen to represent air, earth, fire and water, respectively.

L’Atlas’s “Air” installation as seen in New York’s Rockefeller Park on October 28, 2015 (Architectural Digest)

In an Architectural Digest interview about the project, L’Atlas touched upon how in today’s world, projects that are ephemeral in nature can be eternal because of the technologies we have adapted: “[I]n today’s world, I don’t really see this work as temporary. The final product is really the video of this installation, which is lasting.”

Launched this summer, Perrier’s partnership with The Creators Project marks the latest move in the brand’s patronage of the arts. Together, their ongoing #ExtraordinairePerrier series focuses on exploring some of the most fascinating artists pushing boundaries through their chosen medium, technique and perspective.

So far, the series has covered Japanese art collective teamLab, Montreal-based visual artist Maotik, ‘modern pointillist’ Bradley Hart, Barcelona-based Jordi Enrich Jorba, and Windspeed Technologies, the company who filed a patent for a Skydeck last year.

Maotik, one of the artists covered in Perrier’s collaboration with The Creators Project, uses lasers, balloons, light bulbs and even laboratory chemicals to create multimedia environments and generative visuals from algorithms and 3D worlds.

In researching the Art History of Perrier, I have come to greatly admire the brand for their 150 years of pushing artistic boundaries. The brand is supporting artists who, aside from making fun and stimulating work, truly connect with people. In doing so, Perrier has leveraged itself as modern, relevant and tasteful.

“Salvador Dali pour la source Perrier”, 1969 (fun fact: this poster is currently on sale for 169,000 euros)
Andy Warhol, c. 1983. Warhol would create more than 40 works featuring Perrier’s logo this year.
Bernard Villemot for Perrier in the 1980’s (a more random fact: if you wanted to, you could order a Villemot Perrier print online from Kohl’s of all places)
In 2013, to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary, Perrier released a limited edition collection of Andy Warhol labels.
2014 saw the launch of Perrier’s “Inspired By Street Art” campaign. Three artists were commissioned: Sasu, JonOne and Kobra. In addition to other PR events, Perrier commissioned Colossal Media to hand-paint ten outdoor murals in NY, Chicago, LA and Miami. Here, Kobra is painting one of the murals in Brooklyn.
Kobra x Perrier, “Inspired by Street Art” series, 2014
Sasu x Perrier, “Inspired by Street Art” series, 2014
Art Basel, 2014: Perrier unveiled this mural, commissioned by JonOne, in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.  (Image from Business Wire)
JonOne x Perrier, “Inspired by Street Art” series, 2014
L’Atlas x Perrier, “Inspired By Street Art” series, 2015
2016: L’Atlas photographed in his Paris studio. Photograph by WAD mag.
2016: Bradley Hart is one of the artists featured in the collaboration between Perrier and The Creators Project. In Hart’s art, acrylic paint is injected into the air pockets of everyday bubble wrap stretched over the wooden frame of a traditional canvas. This a picture of Hart’s 2016 work Hendrix Part A.


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