A lovely hint of peculiarity with The Taable’s Jakarta-based creators

Delightfully eccentric, The Taable is a Jakarta-based multidisciplinary creative studio with a knack for creating beautiful images with a signature outlandish touch. Founded by visual communication students Axel Oswith and Amanda Kusai shortly after completing their degrees, The Taable has evolved to be a collective at the intersection of art and design. Having collaborated with brands such as Adobe, Apple and Sony Music, The Taable’s zest of absurdity and humor has indeed taken off. Producing some of the most mesmerizing digital art I’ve truly ever come across, I’m over the moon to be saying this — meet Axel and Amanda:

How did you two meet each other, and how did you come to create The Taable collective?

We met toward the end of our last year in university, where we partnered up for a freelance project. It’s funny that we were never friends prior to this even though we were in the same year and course. We continued this alongside our studies, and naturally felt like it was right to take it a step further and make it our full-time endeavor, where we then established The Taable right after completing our degree.


What’s the behind the name and spelling of ‘The Taable’?

The idea behind the name of our collective was simply inspired by the functionality we perceive from a table, as a place in generally every home, school, work and social setting, where minds gather around a table to share ideas, connect, and converse. The double A’s in the taable would then represent the founders Amanda and Axel as well as our ideals in ‘Art and Aesthetics’.


How would you describe The Taable’s aesthetic?

Portraying things in a simple manner with a hint of peculiarity.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Can you tell me a bit about what the creative climate is like in Indonesia?

We’re definitely seeing growth in the climate, people are developing a greater appreciation for this industry and the power it has — something it lacked in the past.


What is meant in your use of food? 

So, there isn’t really any specific reason behind our food photography. Our notion was to generally use the mundanity of everyday subjects/objects and present them in a new light to bring attention to them where we would normally take them for granted.


How has social media, namely Instagram, played a role in evolving your collective?

It has given us a voice that has allowed us to connect with our audience and other creatives alike without limitation to our geographical area. We have in turn also grown and learned from others through this medium, exposing us to all the happenings of the world.


What are some of the brands you’ve collaborated with?

We have been lucky enough to work with a range of brands over the years. Each experience has been different from the next with challenges to tackle from pre-production through post production, which is always a wonderful way to learn and perfect. Just to name a few here are  some of the brands we have had the chance to collaborate with: Adobe, Apple, Eric Kayser, Martha Stewart, Sony Music.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Can you tell me a bit about the art you made in collaboration with COIN for their single ‘Talk Too Much‘?

We had the chance to develop the art direction and their new branding for their second album… The idea behind this image was to project a certain kind of sadness that lingers like smoke in the depths of what appears to be bright and so full of life. We explored the theme of remnants, portraying history in the simplest of forms through the traces of things that had been left behind or were once there. Looking past the brightness and cheeriness of what seems to be a suggested scene of last night’s party, instead lays lifeless, deconstructed, taken away, used and left behind.

The Taable’s work for COIN’s single Too Much Talk, 2016.

Who are some of your favorite visual magazines and/or Instagram accounts?

Gather Journal, Art Review and @jamestolic.


What helps you both feel creative?

A quite and zen-like environment is one we prefer to work in; however, there’s nothing quite like the feel of new and unfamiliar places to help us get creative.


Going forward, what are some of your goals as artists in 2017?

Our goals have always circulated around the desire to learn something new each day and from year to year. One of our specific set of goals is to collaborate with great minds and pour our expression through moving pictures and film, we’d love to explore this medium a little deeper this year.

A July 2016 portrait of Oswith and Kusai for FAQD.


Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 preset



Archived from one of The Taable’s earliest shoots is this photo of a couple. As described in their portfolio, the concept was to illustrate this quirky pair’s wonderful chemistry.
Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset
For more of Amanda and Axel’s work, check out their brilliant and beautifully curated Instagram: @thetaable.

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