#GucciAndBeyond: The Brilliance of Gucci’s latest Alien-starring Social Media

Pushing the limits of fashion in the name of art, Gucci’s latest spur of Instagram videos featuring interviews with aliens exemplifies creativity that is, truly, out of this world. Starring a diverse cast of models-turned-aliens, each clip features a screen-test with a far-out Gucci extraterrestrial whose name, planet and miniature bio are provided in an accompanying caption, hashtagged #gucciandbeyond. Posted on Thursday, Dazed notes that the aliens are likely teasing the Italian luxury brand’s AW17 campaign.

Under Alessandro Michele, the acting creative director of the House of Gucci since January 2015, the brand’s social media has “pushed to engage a wider community than that which traditionally locates around the world of fashion.” By embracing internet weirdness, Michele has yet again proven his revolutionarily artistic genius.

In March, Gucci aptly cashed in on the cultural capital of memes with the launch of “#TFWGucci” (‘that feel when’ Gucci) to promote the brand’s new “Le Marché des Merveilles” watch collection. Exhibiting Michele’s fascination with internet culture, Gucci enlisted various meme creators, such as @beigecardigan and art duo @christto_andrew, to create memes centered around the theme of #TFWGucci. The campaign went viral — with millennial Taiwanese artist John Yuyi’s temporary Gucci face tattoos garnering a significant amount of attention and amassing over 210k likes.

Honing in on our day and age of ‘Instagrammable Art’ –– an insight Alessandro Michele’s Gucci has astutely capitalized on –– Yuyi said in an interview with BBC about her collaboration with Gucci: “You don’t have to be a studio, agency or gallery to present your art; you just have to post it on your iPhone or laptop, so it’s a very good time to be an artist.”

Gucci’s latest alien-starring campaign brilliantly evades fashion industry norms and demonstrates highly effective content generation. Of the most striking aspects of the #gucciandbeyond campaign, in my opinion, is the mastery of enticing storytelling. In providing us with characters such as Krelanda Encanta from planet Xoph and Ejaw Bolsorg, 36, from Xoor Cluster, we are able to forge immediate connections with these aliens. Rather than having an influencer communicate the brand’s hipness, #gucciandbeyond draws us into the brand’s wonderfully distinct uniqueness by creating an incredibly future-forward and refreshingly new narrative.

Considering how Alessandro Michele was an unknown back-of-the-house veteran at Gucci hardly less than two years ago, a tremendous amount of inspiration can be drawn from the revolutionary creative director’s work. As the #gucciandbeyond campaign unfolds over the next few months, one thing can be predicted for certain: the content will be extraordinary. 


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