Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this! My name is Jaimie Potters and I’d like to first introduce myself by mentioning my interest in art, preference for walking everywhere and knack for spontaneity. I also go to Boston University, where I’m a senior majoring in Advertising and minoring in Political Science.

Inspired by my internship with media agency MEC’s recently launched global content division last summer, this blog initially began as a way for me to continue my research and learn more about content. Passionate about art and culture, this soon evolved into conducting and featuring interviews with visual artists and creative directors from all over the world who have pioneered partnerships with major brands and boast major social media followings. Learning from the brilliantly creative people I’ve been lucky to speak with, I hope to utilize my newfound perspective into a content-related career when I graduate in May.

This blog seeks to not only celebrate content innovations in art and technology, but creative minds and artists from around the world who spearhead cutting-edge ideas as well. Enjoy and feel free to reach out!